Well….it finally happened. Got this website up and running. And for all of you who really know me and my ability to navigate through cyberspace….well, I’m sure you are more than amazed…..I know I am. But, before you go scratching your heads and wondering how I could do this all by myself…..because simple common sense tells you that I’m not capable….you’re right….big kudo’s to ol pal Tre’ Haydel. Strangely enough, Tre’ cleverly invited me over to his back yard with my big Stihl 460 to assist with making a simple bench. Well it ended up being a little more complicated than that……so much so that he said the only way he could repay me for the two very bad to the bone cypress log benches was to build a website for me……WALLA !!!!

So, the last few months have been pretty hectic. It’s fall and arts and craft festivals are everywhere. And as much as I swore that I’d never end up dragging all my bowls and other wall art around from city to city……I am doing exactly just that. No regrets really…..well a few….I really do miss the long weekend rides with all the Angry Old Dudes and the regular crowd that rides the hills up in St. Francisville. I’ll get back to that soon enough. But for now, I’m really having a lot of fun grinding away in my shop at all hours of the day and night.

Recently befriended another wood geek, Andrew Moran. Andrew is a true craftsman and I admire his work a lot. He also has a really big chainsaw. I though mine was pretty big….wrong. We have ended up going on a few wood hunts together where he gets his Husqvarna with the five foot bar and Alaska mill set up going. The big slabs of pecan and sweet gum we’ve cut up are really impressive. On top of that, Andrew is a beer connoisseur…..Shiner Bock is his standard, which works fine by me. But the thing I like about Andrew the most is that he gets just as geeked out as me about the really small details that get revealed when we open up a log. His gf thinks we’re wierd….but deep down I think she gets it too.

So now that this website is actually a reality…..I’ve got to learn a little more about how to manage it properly. Another challenge for sure. I’ll try to keep up with my most current works and post pics as much as I can. Getting professional looking pics is another challenge that confronts me. I’m very fortunate to have Kevin Duffy to coach me from the sidelines. For those of you who need a pro’s pro….check Kevin’s work out….top shelf all the way.        Time to put this post to rest….another post to come soon.


Hey, check out my Portfolio HERE



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  1. jason

    Very nice. A little shocking…but nice!

  2. Dannette

    I’m impressed! Love it.

  3. Josh

    I dont even know what to say right now…so shocked I really cant put words around it. Looks awesome dad!

  4. Christi

    Wonderful introduction Mitch!!! I am proud of you!!!!

  5. Jimmy

    Three really great looking pieces here, Mitch. I’m looking forward to seeing how this advances and the results you get from it. The website has an overall friendly comfortable feel about it. It’s not overly busy. I like it. I like the simplicity and honesty.

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