Jan 14

Searching for a big sinker cypress

Ouchita River Sinker Cypress 002Headed up to Monroe a little after Christmas this year. All my brothers were coming in to help celebrate our mothers 80th birthday. Dave came in from Virginia, Jason and Dannette from Maryland, John and family from Michigan. It’s always good to get together with family to remind them that I am still the reigning and undisputed Evans Family Scrabble champion. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking….how could a wood ninja have mad scrabble skills too…just doesn’t seem fair….;-)

So my youngest brother and I go out in search of  the ever elusive sinker cypress log. We make a few calls to get some leads. And finally we get some good news…get some directions and head out. And not much of a drive later, we see a lot with a few logs that have seen better days. Also a bunch of heavy duty trucks and other machinery that look like they haven’t moved in many years. The stack of logs that caught my eye turned out to be way beyond usable. But out towards the front of the lot was a small chunk of log that looked like it just might be perfect. And it was. The only problem was a short fence that had this No Trespassing sign on it. Well, since I didn’t see the sign until I was already on the other side, I kinda figured that this venture would just have to fall into the “ask for forgiveness, instead of permission” category….if anyone happened to drive by and start asking questions. And of course in my mind, all I saw was a poor worn out piece of wood that was going to rot and waste and in desperate need of rescue…..that was all the justification I needed to convince myself I was doing the right thing. Now all I had to do was convince my brother Jason that no harm would come to him if he aided me in this sinker cypress rescue mission. Reluctantly, he hoisted himself over the fence and we made short work of putting our treasure into my Tahoe. Got it back to the folks place and put the big Stihl 440 magnum to it. No doubt that this was gonna be worth the effort. The growth rings were tight tight tight. Some blues and grays were on one side with a little bit of red on the other. I might have to consider keeping one of these for myself. It doesn’t get much better in a day in the life of a wood ninja.

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