Oct 19


linear gumbo hi res

To be quite honest, I never saw this coming. I am always looking for a new twist on presentation of the drama of Mother Nature. These progressions were a simple experiment that took off and kept going. There is definitely something here that draws the eye and seemingly commands you to start at one end and follow it from end to end….again and again and again. And each species of wood seems to play out in it’s own way. The sweet gum that has turned to red gum is as dramatic as there is. The constant movement from frame to frame reveals surreal shapes ranging from trees to bluffs to whatever your imagination can come up with. The oaks are just a sensory overload of fireworks, with the spalt lines meandering throughout the rays of the wood fiber. Even without spalt lines, sinker cypress provides a landscape that defies logic and makes you wonder what force of nature caused such drama to unfold…..enjoy.

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