Dec 23

Progressions Part II…..separate yet connected

In my journey of creating what I now call my “progressions” works, I crossed paths with one Kent Howard while showing up in St. Francisville, Louisiana at the Yellow Leaf Festival. It was immediately obvious that Kent saw something in these progressions that had a very special meaning to him. Kent is very involved in the Buddhist temple here in Baton Rouge. And I must admit that I really know somewhere between very little to absolutely nothing about Buddhism and it’s teachings, other than a few random “ummmmms” chanted at a couple of yoga sessions. Kent was kind enough to share what drew him to the “progressions”. And after I explained the process of creating each piece of work, his fascination only grew to a deeper meaning. I’ll do my best to explain in simple terms here. In the first phase of creating, each individual piece of wood is sitting on edge, the grain is mildly interesting at best. But as each individual piece of wood is laid flat, exposing the end grain….a whole new visual concept is revealed. And as each individual piece is laid out in successive order, your eye is immediately drawn to a magical journey as you follow the small changes from one piece to the next. It is obvious to the viewer that they are all separate, yet all connected. As each piece is visualized as plain and simple in one dimension, it changes dramatically while being viewed in a different dimension. The analogy to humanity is profound. We are all seemingly simple creatures when seen from one point of view…..yet when we are truly revealed by opening ourselves up, a whole new vision of beauty can be seen. And as separate as we often are, we are also very much connected more and more than we realize.

Many thanks to Kent Howard for sharing his interpretation with me. It truly gives me a new inspiration each time I create a new “progression” piece of work. It gives me hope that humanity will realize while we all have a need to be separate creatures on our own personal journeys…..we must never forget that we were all created by the same creator, regardless of your rites and rituals….regardless of what name you pay homage to……we are all connected.

Mitchlinear gumbo hi res


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