Nov 19

The Nautilus Experiment

Nope, haven’t been abducted by aliens or thrown in jail. Just slaving away in my studio which I now call Sloveniana. This is where the treasures Mother Nature hides deep within the fallen log are extracted and given a new life as art. So much has happened in 2014 and I will post separately so I don’t confuse myself….and you. To the present…..I have long been fascinated by the simple shape and profile of the nautilus shell that has been sliced down the middle. And apparently, this Fibanacci fellow has some thoughts on the same shape. Enter fellow metal artist Dave Cano. I need Dave to weld up a few large angle iron frames to set a few of my pieces into. After some discussion about what was next on my radar, he suggests that I play around with the idea of a nautilus. It was kinda like, “wow, this guy can read my mind”. So it was back to the studio to make it happen. That was a few weeks ago and since then I have almost worked around the clock to complete the first four Nautilus Experiments. The first one sold within a week after showing at the Baton Rouge Saturday Arts Market. The second had to go to Dave Cano. Can’t wait til he finishes his mid-city castle which features a large open living area upstairs. This piece should compliment it nicely. Nautilus Experiments #3 and #4 have a bit of bamboo integrated to give the illusion of bubbles. Again, these are abstracts and not meant to exactly replicate the exquisite beauty of one of Mother Natures most impressive works.
If interested in owning one or commissioning one to your personal taste, please contact me at your convenience.Nautilus Experiment #1

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